Why Is NPS So Important?

Why is Customer Happiness & Success important to the success and growth of your business?

  • New customer acquisition on average can cost 5X more than retaining current customers.
  • Customer happiness increases lifetime value.
  • Customer satisfaction is seen as one of the biggest key differentiators when it comes to retaining customers.
  • Happy customers will spread the word positively, just as unhappy customers will negatively, what do you want your customer's saying about you? 

Loyal Customers bring significant value:

  • they stay longer and purchase more resulting in more revenue
  • they cost less to serve 
  • they drive positive referrals
  • they identify improvements and create a better experiences for others

How today's businesses are changing:

  • recommendations are now more important than ever
  • subscriptions are the new transactions 
  • the focus on recurring revenue is more important than ever, which means customer satisfaction is a top priority across the entire organization   


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