Configuring Your NPS Settings

Now that you have your JavaScript code installed into the applicable pages within your platform, it's now time to setup your preferences. 


Configuring NPS Settings

  1. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and choose Settings
  2. Click on the NPS tab 



Define How Your Survey Campaign Will Run 

  • Your Domain:  enter the domain of your website where surveys will display
  • First Survey Delay:  enter the number of days to wait before sending out first survey (default is 30 day)
  • Survey Recurrence:  enter the number of 'days' to automatically schedule new surveys since the user last received one  (default is 90 days)
  • First Survey Spread:  choose between Low/Medium/High to evenly distribute first surveys to prevent oversampling of your user base (default is Low - 30 days)    


  • Number of Users:  enter the number of users you anticipate to receive surveys

Note:  You may notice the statement at the bottom of the Configure page will change as you update the boxes.

  1. Click on  to save changes 

Note:  The Save button is enabled (turns blue) anytime the form is both changed and in a valid state. A red outline around the field will indicate any fields that are not valid.


Stopping or Pausing Surveys

If you wish to pause or stop sending surveys, the JavaScript will need to be removed from all pages that you wish to stop sending surveys from.


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