NPS Responses

Take a deeper dive into the specifics of the overall NPS score.  See the end user's individual responses, sort through them by applying filters and/or sorting columns to slice & dice results.    


NPS Responses

  1. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and choose NPS
  2. Click on the Responses tab


  1. Use the column headers to sort or click on  to filter
  2. The date column indicates when the NPS response was received
  3. The email column lists the email address of the end user who submitted the response
  4. The score column displays the score that was submitted by the end user
  5. The comment column displays any comments left by the end user

Note:  Click on the email address to go to the end user's page.  


Filtering Columns

Use this feature to identify and single out respondents of a type (i.e. your Detractors, or your Promoters). This feature can be used for all columns.  

  1. Click on   in the column header to filter specific criteria, choose the appropriate statement depending upon what is being filtering
  2. Fill in the blank box with a value that's applicable for the statement based on what is being filtering 
  3. Click  to show results
  4. Click  to clear the filter and reset back to showing all column data 
  5.  in a column header box indicates there is a filter being applied



Sorting Columns

  1. Click on the column name to sort by ascending or descending order, an arrow will indicate the column is being sorting and in what order 
  2. Click on a second column to sort it secondarily


Note:  The first column that has been sorted will take precedence over the second column being sorted.  As an example, if you sort based on the “Email” column, sorting on a second column will not be relevant since each email is unique and will remain alphabetically sorted in ascending or descending order.  Sorting on columns that have non-unique values, such as "Date" or "Score", would be a better option.


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