NPS Overview

Get a high level overview of your current NPS score, as well as the number of Promoters and Detractors that make up your NPS score.  Monitor 30 day change to determine if your score is on the rise, leveling out, or on the decline.  



NPS Overview Charts

Your NPS score is created by taking the % of Promoters and subtracting from the % of Detractors.  The Passives are omitted from the equation, they do not increase nor decrease an NPS score.   

Note:  For additional information on how NPS is calculated, see article:  How Is NPS Calculated?  




Recent Responses Chart

This chart shows recent response scores day over day.



Recent Responses 

Get a quick glance at the most recent NPS responses received. Click on an end user's name or email address in blue (turns orange when hovered over) to go to the end user record. View the end user's details and all NPS responses received by this end user.  


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