End User Lists

Who are your End Users, and how do they feel about your product/services? Which users should you follow up with? Which users are your advocates (promoters)?

You can easily answer all these questions and more within the End Users section of Pulse.



Accessing End Users

An end user is anyone who receives a survey, regardless of whether they've opted to complete the survey and submit, or not.  

  • The End User list that is selected as My Default will load
  • Sort, group, and/or filter columns, or click on an end user's name (in blue) to see more end user information and their survey history
  • Export via Excel or PDF
  • Create new End User view lists 
  1. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and choose End Users

Note:  We do not count respondents that close the NPS survey question window without a response towards your monthly quota. 



Sort, Filter, and Group End User Lists

Sort, group, and filter End User lists in order to prioritize and identify end users based upon specific criteria.


Sorting and Dragging Columns

  1. Click on the column name to sort the columns criteria via ascending or descending, you'll see an arrow pointing up or down to show it is being sorted
  2. Drag columns to reorder by clicking on the column header and dropping in desired spot


Note:  One column will always be sorting, the default column that is sorting is Date, this will be applied when first entering the End User tab, before any new sorting has been applied.  Click refresh to go back to the sorting default, Date.



  1. Click on the  of the column to be filtered, this brings up filter options (these options will vary depending upon the column that's being filtered)


  1. Fill in a value in order to complete the filter options and click 


  1. To remove the column filter click  on  of the column and click 



Grouping allows you to group criteria that has the same value.  For example, group Recent NPS in order to see groups of people with the same NPS value.

  1. Click and drag the column name up to the top of the table and release

  1. You'll see the Recent NPS has been grouped by those with the same NPS scores
  2. The groups are sortable, click on the arrow next to the column name to sort via ascending and descending 

  1. Remove a grouping by click on the  of the grouped column that is desired to be removed


  1. Click and drag a second column to group the original group's criteria by a second column's criteria




Saving Custom End User List Views

Once you've made changes to an End User list view, you can save this view to access at a later date.

  1. Click on  
  2. Enter a name for the new End User list view
  3. Click the appropriate boxes: 
  • My Default:  if box is checked this will the End User list that will be loaded each time you access the End User section of Pulse
  • Shared:  Anyone within your organization who has a login (license) can access this End User list view


  1. Click  to save the End User list view



Creating and Saving New End User Lists 

Create multiple End User list views of specific criteria that might be sorted or filtered differently based on specific criteria.  

  1. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and choose End Users
  2. Start by using the default list, or choose another end user list from the drop down box in the upper left of the End Users tab
  3. Click on the Columns drop down box, click on a field name to select or unselect a field in order to view them in the End User list view (X next to the field name means the column is selected)
  4. To unselect all fields, click located at the top of the Columns drop down box


  1. After customizing column fields, you are ready to save a copy 



Selecting New "My Default" End User List

The End User list that is marked with My Default will be the End User default list that is loaded each time you access the End Users section of Pulse.  If you have multiple End User lists, you can select which list you want to load as the default.

  1. Using the drop down box in the upper left hand corner of the End Users tab, select the list that should be the default
  2. Click the My Default box to select 


  1. To change your default end user list, choose a new list from the drop down box 
  2. Click the My Default box to select the list to be your new default 




Exporting End User List Views

Want to save a list to view exactly as is (in exact time) End User lists?  Export End User list view via Excel and/or PDF.

  1. With the End User list view open that you want to export, click on either of the export options in the upper right hand corner of the End Users page


  • Excel:  this list is editable 
  • PDF:  this list is read only



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