JavaScript Code FAQ

The JavaScript code is the technology that Pulse uses to deploy surveys into your company's HTML-based web or product page(s).  


What variables need to be passed?

Pulse has three required variables that must be passed into the JavaScript in order for it to successfully track NPS.  These variables are:

  • your customer ID (custid)
  • the user ID of the user being surveyed (userid)
  • the survey ID you'd like presented (surveyid)
  • the position on the page you'd like your survey to show up (position)

Note:  At present time only one survey is supported in Pulse.


What is a Customer ID?

A customer ID (custid) is the unique identifier that Bluenose has assigned to your company for referential purposes. 


What is a User ID?

A User ID (userid) should be unique within your user-base.  We recommend either an email address or a Unique User Identification (UUID).  Because this username is available throughout the Pulse application, and is searchable, we highly recommend the email address as the User ID.


What is a Survey ID?

A Survey ID (surveyid) is a value that is generated by the Pulse application so that the JavaScript directs its responses to your instance of Pulse.  

You can retrieve the Survey ID from the tracking code that is accessed within the Settings page of Pulse.


What is a Position? 

The Position (position) is the area of your page in which the NPS survey will display.  System default is set to "bottom" (thus the NPS survey will appear on the bottom of the page).  The location of the survey can be changed to display on the top of the page as well.




Will the JavaScript impact page load performance?

No.  Our code loads asynchronously, so it will not impact performance.


How large is the JavaScript?

A few KB.


My users are global, how do you ensure performance?

Our distribution via CloudFront CDN safeguards global reach with low latency.  The Pulse JavaScript and related CSS is hosted across the entire CloudFront Global Edge Network, with dozens of sites across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.


Where is the Pulse JavaScript hosted?

The Pulse JavaScript and related CSS files are hosted on, and delivered via, Amazon's world-class CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN).


Which browsers are supported?

All modern desktop browsers are supported, including:

  • IE 9+
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari


How do I turn off surveys?

The JavaScript will need to be removed from all pages that you wish to stop sending surveys from.

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