New Pulse Account Activation Steps

Once you've signed up for Pulse by Bluenose, you'll receive an activation email prompting you to activate your account.



Activate Account

  1. Click on the Activate Account box within your Welcome email
  2. Fill out the Reset Password form and click 


New Account Setup

Step 1:  Create a Survey

  1. Fill out the Create a Survey Campaign form
  • Your Domain:  enter the domain of your website where surveys will display
  • First Survey Delay:  enter the number of days to wait before sending out first survey (default is 30 day)
  • Survey Recurrence:  enter the number of 'days' to automatically schedule new surveys since the user last received one  (default is 90 days)
  • First Survey Spread:  choose between Low/Medium/High to evenly distribute first surveys to prevent oversampling of your user base (default is Low - 30 days)    
  • Number of Users:  enter the number of users you anticipate will receive surveys

Note:  Notice how the verbiage at the bottom of the form updates as you fill in the boxes.  


Step 2:  Install JavaScript Code

You will find your JavaScript Code located here.  Give this code to your developer to insert into each page of your platform/website that you want the survey to delivered in. This code may be used several times throughout your platform/website.

  1. Click  to copy and paste the JavaScript code
  2. Click  to complete


(Pssst!  For additional help, fill in your developers name and email address and click  and we will email your developer with the JavaScript)



Step 3:  Confirm Installation 

The last step in completing your set up, is to install the JavaScipt and send a test survey.  We will send you a confirmation email to notify you that the survey was received.  If you have any questions, or don't receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us at


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