Known Issues & Limitations FAQ

Here are some commonly known issues, and tips to make your experience within Pulse more positive.


Known Bugs

Contact cards are not displayed in the end user records.

  • In some cases, the contact card that is displayed when viewing an end user record may not be visible.  To ensure all pages load correctly, you will want to disable Ad Blocker Plus for the “” domain.

        Ad Blocker Plus enabled for


        Ad Blocker Plus disabled for


"Copy to Clipboard” button does not copy JavaScript code snippet to clipboard in Firefox.

  • The "Copy to Clipboard" button is available during the initial signup / onboarding process, as well as on the "Install" page under Settings > NPS.  If using Firefox, the "Copy to Clipboard" functionality requires that the latest version of Flash is installed and enabled for the Firefox browser.




Will surveys work with mobile devices or tablets?

Yes and no.  The web browser window on your device (mobile phone or tablet) must be at least 740 pixels wide in order for the survey to be seen. 

Note:  The survey will still be sent, however if the end user is using a device that is not large enough, the survey will not be seen.  The system will respond as if the end user navigated away from the page the survey was deployed to or they logged out before submitting a response.  

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