End User Tags

Tags are labels that can be assigned to an end user who meets a specific criteria so that you can easily identify these groups of end users later. For example, which end users should you follow up with, or call out the admins and executive sponsors of a company? Use Tags to identify and categorize the end users by industry or title?  



Adding End User Tags

In order to add a Tag to an end user, you must go to the end user record page.  This can be done several ways:

  1. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and choose End Users
  2. Click on an end user's name or email address anywhere in the Pulse application where it is hyperlinked (name and email will be blue and turn orange when hovered over)
  3. Click inside the box   begin typing the name of the Tag you want to apply
  4. As you begin typing, previously created Tags that match what is being entered will appear
  5. Click on the Tag name to select, or hit the enter/return key after typing in a new Tag name




Deleting End User Tags

Removing an end user tag is also done from the end user record.  

  1. From the end user record, click on the X of the Tag to delete


Note:  There is no confirmation box, so take caution before deleting existing Tags.



Locating End User's With Specific Tags

  1. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and choose End Users
  2. Choose the appropriate End User List from the drop down box in the upper right hand corner
  3. If the Tags column is not currently part of the end users list, click on the Column drop down box and select Tags (check mark means it's selected)


  1. Click the filter box  and click the box(es) of the Tags you want to display
  2. Click  
  3. Click  to stop filtering the selected Tags




Customizing End Users Lists Displaying Tags 

Customize the End User lists according to preference.  Save a view or export these list via Excel and/or PDF.  

Note:  For more information on exporting, sorting, and saving customized End User list vies, see article:  End Users.

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