Survey Best Practices

Many of our customers inquire about best practices revolving around survey techniques.  We've outlined some advice on setting up your surveys to produce an effective Net Promoter Scoring practice.  


How long should I wait to serve up a survey for the first time?

The First Survey Delay is the number of mandatory days to wait before sending a user their first survey. We recommend this value be set to 7. Keep in mind this does not mean every user will receive a survey after 7 days. Giving new customers a small window of time to get familiar with your product will provide you with more relevant and actionable feedback.  


Over what time period should all of my customers receive a survey? 

First Survey Spread determines the period of time in which all of your customers will have received a survey impression in your product/web page.   The First Survey Delay works with the First Survey Spread to ensure that your users will have a sufficient amount of time with your product but not be overburdened with too many surveys. We recommend this option be set to "LOW".  Using the low option will ensure that each of your users will have had the opportunity to complete a survey over a 30 day period.


Why should I spread out the survey distribution?

Experts believe if you send surveys all at once, the end user feedback will most likely represent a single moment in time, and less about your constantly evolving product or service. For example, new feature enhancements or release updates won't be reflected in your NPS score until another round of NPS surveys are received. The chance of an end user remembering and scoring on these changes and/or improvements are much less likely to happen. Having a constant flow of customer feedback is extremely valuable, and will be revealed in your Net Promoter Score.  


How often should I survey my customers?

We recommend sending surveys once a quarter, or every 90 days. Over surveying users can be invasive and annoying.  With that said, you don't want to wait too long, or you could miss out on critical feedback, as well as a customers unhappiness which could lead to them churning.  Finding a happy medium is your best bet.  Start with 90 days and see how that goes.  


Where should the survey appear within my product?

Depending upon how a user accesses your product or platform, there may be one main page or several pages in which you'll want to instal the JavaScript code within.  

Our JavaScript code gives you the flexibility of choosing whether the survey be displayed at the top or bottom of the users browser. Start by choosing the survey be displayed at the top (this will be indicated within the JavaScript code). If you feel you are not getting adequate results after 90 days, then experiment with switching to the bottom to determine if you get a better response rate.      


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